Bayfield County passed an ordinance (Amendatory Ordinance No. 2020-010 to update Title 16 Chapter 2: Aquatic Invasive Species) to require inspection and decontamination when available at a public or private access on July 28, 2020. This means that inspection and decontamination with the hot water pressure wash (if warranted) at the North Outlet Landing and use of the sanitizing station at Otter Bay are mandatory. The Lake Owen Association worked with county staff and the Bayfield County Land Conservation Committee to encourage the ordinance update in order to increase participation at our decontamination stations. The ordinance in part reads as follows:

“(b) If a decontamination station is available for use at a public or private access, the boater shall decontaminate per posted directions and/or inspection protocol using the decontamination station provided.

(e ) “Decontamination Stations” means a device provided at the public or private water access to remove all potential invasive species. The station may consist of high temperature water (140 Fahrenheit or more) applied with a pressure washer by trained personnel, a recommended chemical solution applied, with a low pressure sprayer, or other technique.”

The LOA also requested and obtained permission from the USFS and the Town of Drummond for installation of the decontamination station in the Lake Owen Station Road right of way, and it has been constructed. A location at the landing is critical for convenience for users and ability to require participation. The station operators gained experience in 2020 with an early September opening. The staffed decontamination station has operated since that time.