Lake Owen Association Board Update May 12, 2019

Lake Manager Activities Report

Decontamination Station

Decontamination station planning is complete, but because of uncertain equipment delivery date, promotion and training schedule is delayed.

























Yellow Flag Iris

Steve will combine all maps of previously known yellow iris locations. Proposed plan is to contact owners of known locations and obtain written approval prior to updated inventory and mapping. We could have letter come from a board member even though Zach will be sending them out. He may need assistance with contact information. We propose applying for an herbicide permit and contracting with applicator prior to updated inventory and mapping. Following inventory and updated mapping: landowner permissions, permit, and contractor notification would be updated as well. This schedule is necessary because all activities are best completed when iris is blooming, and this is a short window. We request authorization to move forward with landowner contacts, permit, and herbicide contracting. Andy Teal, Bayfield County, has volunteered to cut seed heads for those landowners who do not want herbicides used on their property. This may help prevent spread, but will not eliminate the plant.

We may be able to work with USFS with this strategy. If the contractor bid is <$2,500 for work on USFS land, they may be able to use the same permit and contractor and cover costs on USFS land only. This is very tentative but worth investigating further.

Water Quality Study

Grant amendment has been approved. Steve is meeting with his staff (Nile and Zach) to train them on procedures and set up a schedule. He will be installing a flow meter at the outlet and rain gauge and pan to measure evaporation on a DNR‐owned island.