Lake Owen Association Board Update April 10, 2019 Lake Manager Activities Report

Water Quality Study

Pamela Toshner, WDNR Lakes Coordinator reviewed the water quality study scope on a conference call with Cheryl and Steve. LOA needs to request a grant scope amendment in the form of a letter from Tom, but there was no disagreement with proposed changes. Cheryl will draft the request for grant scope amendment for Tom’s signature.

Lake Owen Lake Protection Grant Steering Committee

A Steering Committee meeting was held 3/19/19. Meeting notes and decontamination station update presentation are available. The meeting included review of yellow flag iris and decontamination station progress (among other topics).

Yellow Flag Iris

In 2016/17 Bayfield County (Andrew Teal) cut flower and seed capsules on private lands. Andy is not licensed to do chemical treatment. Andy provided yellow iris locations on Lake Owen, spreadsheet of landowners, and other information in a follow‐up email. Cheryl will contact the US Forest Service regarding chemical treatment on USFS lands. It may also be possible to hire a private contractor for chemical treatment on Forest Service and private lands. The applicator would need permits and landowner permission for chemical treatment. Landowner permission would also be needed for manual removal on private lands. Cheryl will coordinate efforts between LOA, Bayfield County, and USFS.