Click on the link below to read the Lake Owen Comprehensive Management Plan which was conducted in 2013 and 2014 by the Sigurd Olsen Environmental Institute and Northland College. This 143 page report describes a plan for the long-term management of Lake Owen. To enhance communication to the broadest range of audiences, this plan is structured such that the level of technical detail increases throughout the document. The Executive Summary is intended as a non-technical summary for all audiences. Sections 2 through 6 provide increased detail and background information to help the reader better understand the social and ecological components of the Lake Owen ecosystem and rationale for different management recommendations. Appendices A through G are intended for more technical audiences and focus on an exhaustive presentation/discussion of the exiting data sets and management recommendations for different elements fo the Lake Owen ecosystem. The Lake Owen Comprehensive Management plan will be updated in 2024.

Lake Owen Management Plan