Lake Owen Association
Board Update March 1, 2019

Lake Manager Activities Report

Water Quality Study

Steve Schieffer developed a proposal for a revised water quality study which focuses on physical processes and nutrient dynamics in Lake Owen rather than the food web study. We believe that this is a more critical and efficient area of focus for lake study under the grant. This proposed modification will be presented to the Lake Owen Lake Protection Grant Steering Committee.

Lake Owen Lake Protection Grant Steering Committee

A Steering Committee is a required to guide the WDNR Lake Protection Grant. The purpose of the committee is to facilitate coordination and communication among partners to guide project implementation:

o Provide technical guidance for grant implementation
o Review progress toward accomplishment of grant tasks
o Consider proposed changes in grant tasks scope or timing and make recommendationso Make recommendations for significant decisions such as placement of decontamination stations
o The Lake Owen Association Board is ultimately responsible to ensure grant tasks are carried out, provide grant reports, request amendments to the grant scope if needed, and administer grant finances.
o The Department of Natural Resources is the granting agency which evaluates grant reports and reimbursement requests, reviews requested amendments to grant scope, and provides guidance for grant financial management. Note that significant changes to grant scope may lead to re‐evaluation of funding. Grants are scored based on all grant tasks included in the scope. If a significant task is not completed, and a lower score would have resulted, project funding may be in jeopardy.

Decontamination Station
Conducted background research for decontamination station (summary report available)

Developed presentation for decontamination meeting – covers equipment selection, decon system placement, voluntary and required participation considerations, staffing, promotion, etc. (presentation available)

Held decontamination coordination meeting in Drummond, 11/08/18 (agenda and notes available)

Reviewed potential locations for decontamination station – best opportunities are at Doug Manthey property on Lake Owen Drive just south of Highway 63 and at the Two Lakes Campground entrance.

o Dave Berg is main contact with Doug Manthey
o Submitted formal proposal to USFS for Two Lakes site 12/20/18 (proposal available),

follow‐up in person 2/22/2019 – expect to hear something by March 2019.

Pursued ordinances requiring AIS inspection and decontamination at the Town of Drummond and Bayfield County Levels with numerous telephone discussions (Tom has participated in these) and two meetings:

o Town of Drummond, Bayfield County Land and Water Conservation Department, Bayfield County Sheriff (2/21/19 in Drummond) (agenda includes results of previous discussions)

o Bayfield County Land Conservation Committee (2/22/19 in Washburn)

While it is within the jurisdiction of either the town or the county to pass ordinances requiring AIS inspection and decontamination, neither is interested in pursuing an ordinance at this point in time. Instead, the consensus (from the town and county representatives) appears to be that the Lake Association should pursue a program with voluntary participation initially. The Town Board does not have the ability to enforce an ordinance. And, although there are mechanisms for the County to enforce town ordinances, the County Sheriff is not particularly supportive of pursuing these. The town and the county share a corporation counsel (John Carlson), so there could be an opportunity to investigate jurisdictional and enforcement issues cooperatively. However, neither entity wanted to initiate this process – even if the Lake Owen Association contributed financial support to do so. I believe it would be helpful to encourage other lake organizations to request a decontamination ordinance on the county level. A decontamination station can be as simple as a dilute bleach solution and other tools such as brushes with instructions at boat landings. There was some push‐back on establishing an ordinance that specifically targeted Lake Owen. The Town of Drummond may be willing to pass an ordinance specific to Lake Owen once a Bayfield County ordinance is passed. If a voluntary program is pursued in 2019, we could use existing state regulations to encourage participation. See example below:















Map of Eurasian water milfoil and zebra mussels in NW WI
Zebra mussel transfer by wake boats – article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press