Lake Owen Association Lake Manager Activities Report

Board Update September 10, 2021

Decontamination Stations

Installation of sanitizing station (using a dilute bleach solution like at Otter Bay) will occur at the campground boat landing in 2022.

Updated instructions for decontamination provided to staff at North Outlet Landing.

Shoreland Runoff Mitigation

Cheryl is working with Lake Owen Villas to develop designs for runoff mitigation including rock diversions and infiltration, rain gardens, and native plantings. The DNR has provided cost share contract requirements, and LOV board is aware of these.  A grant amendment will be needed for installation in 2022.


The monthly AIS survey was completed in August. No new invasive species were observed. The survey took a bit longer as we observed much more native milfoil growth than in past years. We wanted to verify every bed of milfoil was native which took some time.  The permit for yellow iris herbicide treatment was applied for and received. A new contractor will apply herbicide on Sept. 17.  The property owners should be informed of this date.  We will be remarking the iris plants on Sept. 14.

Water quality/groundwater

More ground water samples were obtained from the last couple of piezometers.  Results are not yet available.  All flow data and lake level data has been provided to hydrologist.

Water samples collected are showing similar results as in the past but some phosphorus values are even a bit lower in some cases. Otter Bay is lower in chlorophyll (limited results so far) which would coincide with less runoff likely in the drier summer.

Thermistor permits

All thermistor permits have been secured. Installation will occur in 2022.

Cool observation: We were out getting September water samples and profiles on Lake Owen on Wed 9/8.  A mature bald eagle went right in the water for a fish similar to an osprey. It stayed floating in the water and then proceeded to swim back to shore using its wings like a breast stroke. We couldn’t see if it has a large fish or not. I have never seen this before and had to share!