July 15, 2023

Drummond Town Hall

Attending : All members were present except Mike Yankee

Guest: Cheryl Clemens, Steve Schieffer

Meeting was called to order by President Amy Louis at 9:07 AM, CDT

1. Amy welcomed everyone to the first annual meeting held at the Drummond Town Hall. Board members introduced themselves along with their duties.

2. Cheryl reviewed Zoom details and the meeting is being recorded and available at this link and with this password G7@R$VUa

3. Minutes of the July 9, 2022 annual meeting were approved.

4. Member survey – Jerry Kollross. 289 surveys were sent and 125 completed, 43.2% response rate. Socializing and relaxing were the primary usages of the lake. Clean water and keeping invasive species out were the main concerns. Results were similar to the 2014 survey but the age of respondents increased by 7 years, Financial support increased from 42% to 55%.

5. Lake Manager Report – Cheryl Clemens. Action steps reviewed with aquatic invasive species prevention the primary work effort. Both landings are staffed with 5 people. Washing station at the North landing and a bleach station at the campground. 41 boats were washed so far this year.

Native planting and infiltration assistance is available by contacting Cheryl at

WI boating regulations were reviewed. Wake boats need to be 500’ from the shoreline. Town of Bass Lake and Tahkoda Lake have passed wake boat ordinances. Sediment resuspension and nutrient release is a primary concern of wake boats.

6. Lake Owen science summary – Steve Schieffer. 2023 activities were reviewed. Thermistor string results evaluated by updating data in the fall, five yellow iris sites (900 lbs.) were mitigated, and 3 AIS meander surveys conducted. Essential plant habitat evaluation conducted during the year. Water quality summary for 3 areas of the lake was reviewed showing low phosphorus in all areas.

7. Lake Owen Directory – Clint Harris. DirectorySpot is the website for homeowner associations.  Members were asked to update their data before leaving the meeting. An email will be sent to LOA members once a year who have paid their dues, allowing their access to the website by signing in and creating a password.

8. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Hannaford. LOA Net Worth, as of 7/04.2023. Total Cash $91,009, Endowment Funds $871,806, Working Capital Fund (UBS) $180,652, (UBS) Total Assets $1,143,467.

Income includes donations, $28,840, Dues $14,025, Grant income $91,279 which includes grants for this year for a total income of $134,630. Expenses, including lake management and landing monitoring, is $76,973. Budget for this year is $90,000. To offset the loss we take 4% of the P&P account of $860,000 providing $34,400, which offsets the $28,000 loss for a net surplus of $6,400.

Motion made, seconded, and approved the treasurer’s report.

9. Protection and Preservation Endowment Campaign – Amy Louis, The original target  was to raise $2.5 million, which would fund the lake “forever”. We will continue to ask for donations to reach this goal.

10. Fishing Report– Paul Rhodes. 12,499 6.2’ fingerling walleyes were put in the lake last fall, ½ at the North landing and ½ at Metro’s landing. Walleye average is 3.6 fish per mile. Lot’s of pike being caught, most of them are bigger than in previous years.

11. Propane Contract – Dave Berg. Midland Services will be the LOA propane vendor again this year. Their price per gallon is $1.42, compared to Como which is $1.75 plus fees. Midland is a cooperative so customers should receive a rebate each year equal to 3 to 5 cents per gallon. To receive this price you must be a LOA member.

12. Nomination of LOA Board of Directors (3 year terms) – Jodi Pfaff Gilman, Ed Ronkowski, and Odinn Johnson were nominated and approved by voice vote. No other nominations were made. Amy thanked outgoing member Mike Yankee for his fine service.

13. Lake Owen Association Events: Various events were reviewed including Annual Picnic, Charity Golf Event at TOIX, hikes, Pontoon Tours,  and Forest Lodge Tour.

Motion made and approved to adjourn at 10:45 am, CDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Nymo, Secretary

Note: After the meeting Ben Popp, ABSF Executive Director, presented an update on the activities going on with the Birkie Foundation. These include work on Telemark Village, Telemark cabins, Observation Tower, Fitness Park, Snowmaking, Birch Bark Projects, and Base Camp, 18 weekend events are scheduled this year by the Birkie Foundation.