July 10, 2021

Cable Community Centre

Attending : Tom Johnson, Dave Berg, Ralph Owen, Jodi Pfaff Gillman, Amy Louis, Jon Nymo, Terry Miller, Mike Yankee
Absent: Jill Stoebe, Clint Harris, Bill Hannaford
Guest: Cheryl Clemens,  Steve Schieffer, Paul Rhodes

1.  Meeting was called to order by President Tom Johnson at 9:00 A.M. CST.  Tom welcomed everyone to the meeting and a motion was made, seconded, to approve the minutes from the July 18, 2020, ZOOM annual meeting. Motion carried.

2.       Lake Manager Cheryl Clemens report: Cheryl’s reports are on the Lake Owen website,, along with much other information.  Bayfield County approved an ordinance this year requiring boats to be washed at the North Landing using the hot water decontamination station purchased by LOA.  At the Campground Landing the USFS has approved the installation of a bleach washing station for boaters to use prior to launching their boats.  Cheryl discussed removal of Yellow Flag Iris which has been done, and offered funding assistance to members who may be interested in shoreline development, including native planting, and infiltration assistance. Contact Cheryl at 715-268-9992.

3.       Lake Owen research activities-Steve Schieffer:  Steve spent 30-40 minutes discussing a number of interesting topics. His presentation will be posted on the website. Lake Owen is in excellent condition and does not have Eurasion water milfoil, curly leaf pondweed, or zebra mussels.  There are Aquatic Invasive Species in the lake including, Chinese mystery snails, yellow iris (along shoreline), Aquatic Forget-me-not (along shoreline) and Phargmites (along shoreline). 80% of the land cover around the lake is forested which is good for water runoff. There is no algae in the lake.

4.       Lake Owen Protection and Preservation Endowment Campaign Kick-off:  Amy Louis discussed the P & P Endowment Campaign and our goal to raise $2.5 million in endowment funds.  The annual operating budget is approximately $100K per year and the endowment fund will provide sufficient operating funding forever.  LOA Board Members will be reaching out to the membership this summer to discuss the plan and ask for your donations.

5.       Fishing Report, Paul Rhodes: The DNR released 12,625 extended growth walleyes (7 inches) in the lake last fall.  The number of walleyes per mile has increased to 5 per mile, which is very good. Smallmouth bass are at 1 per mile, which is also good. We can expect even a higher population of walleyes in the next 2-3 years as they continue to reproduce.  The Tribe removed 58 walleyes from the lake this year, which is one of their lowest numbers.

6.       LP gas group purchase: Dave Berg reported on the propane gas situation. It is a very difficult market and prices will be rising. Midland Energy in Ashland, is our current supplier. Midland is a CO-OP and they charge only for the propane, no additional charges to your bill. They are offering a summer fill price of $1.39 per gallon, if ordered by August 15th, and filled by August 31st.  Tanks must be less than 50% filled to qualify.  A supplier will be selected later this fall when pricing is received from various vendors.  The annual Lake Owen Member Golf Event will be held August 12th, at TOIX, shotgun tee off at 10:00 A.M.  Members should arrange their foursomes and let Dave Berg or Jodi Pfaff Gillman know, including handicaps. This is a charity event and all money raised will be given to C.A.R.E.

7.       Treasurers’ report: In the absence of Bill Hannaford, Tom Johnson presented the report. Dues were lowered to $50 because of DNR requirement. The DNR Lake Planning Grant expires at the end of this year and is not renewable. Total net worth is $420,000, with $265,000 restricted; $53,800 for AIS Rapid Response Fund and $210,717 for the P & P Endowment Fund.  Annual expenses are approximately $100,000 per year and without the $2.5 million endowment funding we will have a $96,000 deficit in 2025.  Motion made, seconded, and the budget was approved.

8.       Proposed by-law amendment: By-laws were changed to reflect one vote per parcel.  Question was raised from the floor if the Tax ID is the same as a parcel, and this needs to be clarified before making the final changes.

9.       Board of Director’s nominations: Dave Berg, Jon Nymo, Ed Ronkowski, and Jerry Kollross were nominated and approved for 3 year terms to the Board. Tom thanked Ralph Owen for his many years of service and the members gave Ralph a resounding applause of appreciation!

10.   Motion to adjourn was approved at 10:35 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Nymo, Secretary