Lake Owen Association Lake Manager Activities Report 
Board Update August 16, 2021 

Decontamination Stations
USFS granted permission for siting a sanitizing station (using a dilute bleach solution like at Otter Bay) at the campground boat landing. Installation may occur in 2022. 
Tom Johnson and Cheryl Clemens met with staff at the north outlet landing to clarify conditions when decontamination should occur and how inspections and decontamination results should be documented.  

Strategic Plan 
Strategic plan updates (based on April 2021 board review and approval) were made and posted on the LOA website.  

Water quality analysis 
Data collection continued with analysis of water samples approximately twice per month.  Phosphorus results have been very low compared with past years.  This can likely be attributed to the lack of runoff into Lake Owen.  A limited number of results have been returned, so we will see what the remainder of the samples show.  We will continue data collection until fall turnover and into the winter. 

The monthly AIS surveys have been conducted, with the August survey remaining.  Properties with yellow iris were identified using GIS.  Permission from owners is in process, and if all come together, herbicide/hand removal will occur.  If not, we will carry that out next summer.  Most yellow iris locations have a small amount this year. 

Groundwater model 
Five piezometers were installed and water was collected and sent in for analysis.  We left the piezometers in place in case we need to run more samples.  Jake Macholl, the hydrologist working on the model, states that his work will be completed by the end of August. 

Fisheries study 
Fishery study design is delayed due to changes in DNR fisheries staff.  
As a side note:  We go to a lot of lakes in the summer and our take is that Lake Owen has the best monitored boat landing we see.  They are thorough, always ask the right questions and have a desire to protect the lake.  Please compliment your workers that staff the landing. 

Thermistor permits 
One of two permits needed for thermistor string installation is secured. We are waiting to hear back from DNR on the second.