New Lake Owen Groundwater Study 2021

New Lake Owen Groundwater Study Results Available

According to Lake Owen Association Lake Scientist, Steve Schieffer, groundwater provides at least 80% of the water to Lake Owen. That makes having an understanding of the area that contributes groundwater to the lake critically important. The Lake Owen Association engaged hydrogeologist, Jake Macholl, to update an existing area groundwater map and model to provide specific results for Lake Owen.

While the results are brief, the development process was extensive. It included analysis of well depth and water sample results from owners of shallow wells around Lake Owen. As a result, the groundwater map for Lake Owen is now very precise. The groundwater model is now available to evaluate the potential impact of changes that occur in the groundwater contributing area such as installation of high-capacity wells, new potential pollution sources, and land-use changes that may affect groundwater.


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2021 Ground Water Study