Lake Owen Strategic Plan

Our Vision for Lake Owen:

A pristine refuge sustained by an engaged community

Mission of the Lake Owen Association:

Preserve and Protect Lake Owen

Critical Objectives

1)  Preserve water quality and enhance natural habitat.
2)  Prevent the introduction and establishment of invasive species.
3)  Inspire active stakeholder involvement.
4)  Retain best in class lake management.
5)  Establish sustainable financial resources.

How We Will Reach These Critical Objectives

The Lake Owen Association Board is working together with professional lake managers to preserve and protect Lake Owen and carry out recommendations of our Lake Management Plan.  We welcome your support and involvement as we work to maintain Lake Owen as our pristine refuge.

1) Preserve water quality and enhance natural habitat.

  • Complete water quality study (results to be reported at 2020 Annual Meeting!)
  • Plant native plants to restore shorelands (we are seeking volunteers)
  • Future work will include identification of important habitat and protection measures and fisheries investigations.

2)  Prevent the introduction and establishment of invasive species.

  • Continue Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspections at the public landings
  • Provide best available boat and equipment decontamination
  • Develop aquatic invasive species rapid response plan
  • Monitor and control yellow iris

3)  Inspire active stakeholder involvement.

  • Increase membership and member participation at annual meetings and other events.
  • Increase effectiveness of the web site and social media as communication tools.
  • Provide annual reports and hold meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and provide input to local and state land use, zoning, and AIS policies.

4)  Retain best in class lake management.

  • Complete annual review/self-evaluation for lake managers.
  • Identify model programs and organizations to learn from their activities.
  • Seek outside expertise when needs are identified.

5)  Establish sustainable financial resources.

  • Raise over $2 million for endowment fund to support LOA activities into the future.
  • Maintain eligibility and apply for grant dollars.

LOA 4 Page Strategic Plan