The Lake Owen Association Annual Fall Equinox Pontoon Boat Party went off as planned last Saturday at 3:00 p.m. just as a light mist was stopping. Over the next few hours a total of 8 pontoon boats tied up together in Johnson’s Bay allowing the dozens of Lake Owen residents to walk back and forth to sample gourmet dishes and appetizers and enjoy beverages of their choice.  About half way through the festivities, moderate southwest winds pushed the pontoon boat armada out of the bay and down the narrowing channel.  All the captains started their outboards and in unison, turned into the wind to motor back to the sheltered part of the bay where an anchor held them in place for the rest of the event. Despite thick clouds overhead, the rain held off and an outstanding good time was had by all.  After about 3 hours, the sky darkened to the southwest.  Gary Nei started displaying to the crowd his cell phone screen of the weather radar showing many yellow and red colored rain cells aimed towards Lake Owen hastening the end of the camaraderie and allowing the participants to get home before the rain fell that evening.